Alfano Optical Tomography's Patent

U.S. Patent No. 6,208,886 for a “Non-Linear Optical Tomography of Turbid Media” covers an apparatus utilizing non-linear optical signals for use in constructing a three-dimensional tomographic map of an in vivo biological tissue for medical disease detection purposes. In one embodiment, said apparatus comprises a stage for supporting the in vivo biological tissue; a laser for illuminating the in vivo biological tissue with a focused beam of laser light, the light emerging from the in vivo biological tissue comprising fundamental light, harmonic wave light, and fluorescence due to multi-photon excitation; a filter for selectively passing only at least one of the harmonic wave light and the fluorescence; one or more detectors for individually detecting each of the harmonic wave light and the fluorescence selectively passed; and a mechanism for moving the laser relative to the stage in x, y and z directions.

This patent has a priority date of April 4, 1997 and was published March 27, 2001. Click here for a .pdf of the patent.