Alfano Optical Tomography

Alfano Optical Tomography LLC is a technology licensing company that is assigned U.S. Patent No. 6,208,886 “Non-Linear Optical Tomography of Turbid Media.” This patent covers the latest technology in the field of “tomography:” A technique for displaying a representation of a cross section of human tissue. The invention covered by the ‘886 patent creates a three-dimensional image of living human tissue for medical disease detection and diagnostic purposes. The invention includes a stage that supports the tissue; a laser that illuminates the tissue; light emerging from the tissue that is comprised of fundamental light, harmonic wave light and fluorescence; a filter that selectively passes at least one of the harmonic wave lights and fluorescence; detectors for each of the harmonic wave lights and fluorescence; and a mechanism for moving the laser on three axes.

The invention covered by this patent has numerous applications in medical disease detection, diagnosis and treatment. The technology covered by this patent enables the production of high-resolution neuronal images in the cortex of a living human brain. Alfano Optical Tomography was established to further develop the technology covered by the ‘886 patent, expand the use of this patented technology, and – ultimately – commercialize and monetize the Alfano intellectual property, primarily through licensing.

Alfano Optical Tomography LLC is a subsidiary of, and is managed by, General Patent Corporation, a leading patent monetization firm. General Patent is also the exclusive licensing agent for the Alfano Optical Tomography patent.